Baywatch Pammie Costume

The Red Baywatch Costume was made famous in the Hit series based in LA California, Baywatch. The  series that started in 1989 and was made famous by show legends such as actor and executive producer David Hasselhoff who starred as Mitch Buchannon and sexy Beach life Guards like Pamela Anderson who played CJ epitomised the sexy beauty of the Californian beach patrol.  The popular series featured musclebound male lifeguards, hot women in swimsuits and women in bikinis everywhere, bright white teeth smiles, pretty model faces, toned and sun tanned bodies beautiful beaches… is it any wonder it was such a hit show? Who would not want to be rescued by one of the lovely girls in their red swimming costume, or hunky guys in Baywatch shorts and of course Baywatch float?

Want to look like a Baywatch Babe?

Baywatch Costume

Baywatch Costumes Millions of regular viewers around the world tuned into the much loved Baywatch cast in the hit show which ran for over a decade, but eventually ended due to falling viewer ratings. The show was planning to move to Australia but that never happened in the end.

We still all remember affectionatly such stars David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch swimsuit and other sexy cast members who ran up and down the beautiful Californian beaches.

It follows that this is why so many people chose to dress in the sexy Baywatch Costume. The Baywatch swimming costume will always be associated with sexy hot bodies. If you wear Baywatch outfit to your party you are sure to be noticed. So why not don the distinctive Baywatch lifeguard red uniform and float and rescue someone from your party!

Baywatch Costumes SexyBaywatch Costumes Are Hot!

Get yours today by clicking the images above on this page… and enjoy the party!

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